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Partner Testimonials

Whether you’re new to travel and per diem nursing, or already well on your way… You’ll want to work with the best teams, get paid top dollar, and partner with a staffing company that treats you as well as you treat your patients.

Fidel Rubio

From the onboarding process to ongoing communication, they make it clear that they value and appreciate their nursing staff.

Nesan Langautan

The application process was seamless and the moment I was cleared, I was able to work. I definitely recommend Secure Nursing!

Alexis Martinez

Secure Nursing are so helpful and attentive and always on the lookout for the best fit and highest paying contract out there for me.

Lourd Diago

I feel I belong at Secure Nursing. You can sense their thoughtfulness and sincerity. I refer all my friends in healthcare to Secure Nursing and nowhere else!

Travel Engagements

Experience a new kind of freedom and flexibility. Secure Nursing offers a broad diversity of travel assignments, so that you can find the perfect posting to fit your lifestyle. Work near gorgeous beaches, vibrant downtowns, or quiet suburbs – the choice is yours. 

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Per Diem Engagements

Per diem work allows you to earn top dollars working extra days – while still keeping your regular job. Per diem engagements are also great for finding work in between travel assignments - or you can work on a per diem basis full-time. Whatever path you choose, you’re in total control. 

Top Rates, Daily Pay, Flexibility

Work for top dollar at the best hospitals, with same-day pay and the assistance of our 24-hour concierge.
Many of our work packages may also include:
Unrivaled Support
Completion Bonuses
Weekly Stipends